Computational Fluid Analysis (CFD)

Our CFD team always ready to help any fluid flow problem of all industries sectors like :

Duct flow Analysis and Design Validation

CFD for Green Building standards like LEED,GRIHA and IGBC etc.

CFD for HVAC Standards like NBC, ISHARE, ASHRAE etc.

Commercial/Industrial/residential ventilation

Jet/Impulse Fan Ventilation systems design & validation

CO, Air quality analysis and Smoke validation of ventilation systems

Stadiums, Arena and Places of assembly

Boilers, ESP

Turbo Machinery

Bag House, Ducts


Cyclones Separator

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

We offer various HVAC services like designing, planning, installation services of screw chillers, scroll chillers, process cooling, precision air conditioning, water cooled ducts, air cooled package units of Blue star/Trane/York/Carrier.

Detailed Design/Planning

Plant Scheduling





Process Cooling

Specialty Cooling

Preservation Cooling

HVAC Consultancy

Load Calculations (Cooling and Heating)

HVAC Equipment Selection & Layout

AMC For All Types of HVAC Plants


We provide the leading brand of pumps. Pump types supplied and serviced are: Air operated double diaphragm (AODD), acid, boiler, centrifugal, circulating, condensate, drum, food, gear, hose, magnetic driven, metering, piston, plastic, scrubber, rotary, self priming, sewage, submersible, sludge, screw, slurry, solids handling, sump, turbine, water and others.


ERP Software for School/Campus Management.
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